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Trouser - Tear or Hole

Trouser - Tear or Hole

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Repair Type
Seam Taping or Sealing Required

Got yourself snagged on a prickly bush or bike chain? That rip can be put right again with our TH repair service.

What's covered?

This repair is perfect for patching holes in legs, knees and seats for the garments below. Replacement pockets are also covered!

  • Jeans, Chinos & Shorts
  • Waterproof Trousers/Overtrousers
  • Ski Salopettes/Bibs
  • MTB Trousers & Shorts
  • Fishing Bibs

Get your bottoms back into shape with patches available in several sizes. We can even re-seal the seams after the repair is complete!

Seams on silicone coated fabrics will be re-sealed with Silicone Seal rather than a Tape

      Repair Details

      Repairs will be patched in Black, unless a close match fabric is requested. 

      An entirely invisible repair isn't always possible, but we will be able to return the trousers to a fully functioning garment.

      Additional Info

      If more than one repair is required, add multiple in the quantity box.
      Orange markings show the area/type of damage, not how the repair will look.


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