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Waterproof and Shell Trouser - Tear, Hole or Seam Repair

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Got yourself snagged on a prickly bush or bike chain? That rip can be put right again with our Waterproof THS repair service.

What's included?

  • One small waterproof patch to cover tear or hole
  • OR Replacement seam tape along damaged seams
  • Reinforcement to existing seams or tears if required

    For Waterproof Knee or Seat repair patches, please click here

    Repair Details

    Repairs will be sealed using a waterproof fabric patch and adhesive. A black patch will be used as standard, unless another colour option is requested. 

    Additional Info

    If more than one repair is required, add multiple in the quantity box.
    Orange markings show the area/type of damage, not how the repair will look.