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  • 1. Pick Your Repairs

    Match up and purchase one of our repair options to the type of damage your garment has.

  • 2. Post or Drop Your Items

    Either post your garment to us, or drop off at our H.Q. in High Green, Sheffield.

  • 3. Repair and Return

    We repair your item and return it by post, or send you a notification that it is ready for collection.

Dare to Repair

We are firm believers in everybody having the right to repair the items that they own and use every day.

Repairing your clothes keeps them in use for longer, reduces energy consumption and paves the way for a better future for us all.

Who We Are

Garments We've Repaired...

  • "Broken zip repaired on an outdoor jacket that was on the verge of going for recycling. Really pleased with the quality of the repair and the service. Highly recommended!"

    - Roger, Northwich

  • "SCR repaired a dress I thought couldn't be saved, they did an amazing job with it and I can't even see where it had to be mended."

    - Colleen, Shetland

  • "The pocket zip was fixed so neatly and it blended in completely with the originals. I know my garments are in safe hands and it means less clothing for landfill too."

    - Laura, Chesterfield

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Book Today

Book and pay for your repair through our website, then drop off or post it to our H.Q. Simple! ...and we'll have your favourite clothes back in action in no time.

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