Who We Are

Sheffield Clothing Repair is a small local business, dedicated to providing professional repairs to technical outdoor clothing and equipment in Sheffield and the surrounding area.

Our small team run the repair service from our home workshop on the northern outskirts of the city. We treat every garment with the same care and precision in order to create repairs which are hard-wearing and built to last.

Becky, The Founder

From a young age I grew up repairing, making and modifying clothing from our family home in the blustery North Yorkshire Dales. Whether it was stitching up a halloween cape for our workshop cat "Tiki" (shhh don't tell anyone!), or keeping my favourite and most comfortable dungarees in service – every repair project has and still continues to be incredibly rewarding for me.

As I've grown older I've begun to understand the importance of sharing this spirit with others, and as the fast-fashion industry grows, it has shed an even brighter spotlight on the pressing need for us to promote the repair and re-use of the items we already own.

We are firm believers that the things we buy should be repairable and last a long time and this extends to the tools we use to make our repairs at Sheffield Clothing Repair. Where possible we work on vintage Singer sewing machines which are human powered and fully serviceable (some of them are still trundling away after 100 years!).

Whether it's at home or with us, keep the spirit alive and keep on repairing!

Founder of Sheffield Clothing Repair