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Waterproof and Shell Jacket - Tear or Hole

Waterproof and Shell Jacket - Tear or Hole

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Seam Taping or Sealing Required

Got yourself scuffed on rocks, or snagged on a prickly bush? Massive rips, missing elastic and more can be put right again with our Tears and Holes repair service.

What's covered?

  • Tears or holes in the outer or lining fabric
  • Repair stitching along seams
  • Pocket replacement (single)
  • Hem, hood and cuff repairs (single)
  • Elastic, Drawcord and Toggle replacements
  • Reinforcement to existing stitching if required
If damage spans over multiple segments, please email us with photos so we can offer you a quote.

Repair Details

Repairs will be patched in Black, unless a close match fabric is requested. 

An entirely invisible repair isn't always possible, but we will be able to return the jacket to a fully functioning garment.

Additional Info

If more than one repair is required, add multiple in the quantity box.
Orange markings show the area/type of damage, not how the repair will look.

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