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Insulated and Puffa Jacket - Tear or Hole

Insulated and Puffa Jacket - Tear or Hole

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Do you have feathers and fluff flying everywhere, or are your pockets full of holes? Massive rips, missing elastic and more can be put right again with our Tears and Holes repair service.

What's covered?

  • Tears or holes in the outer or lining fabric
  • Repair stitching along seams
  • Pocket replacement (single)
  • Hem, hood and cuff repairs (single)
  • Elastic, Drawcord and Toggle replacements
  • Reinforcement to existing stitching if required
If damage spans over multiple segments, please email us with photos so we can offer you a quote.

Repair Details

Repairs will be patched in Black, unless a close match fabric is requested. 

An entirely invisible repair isn't always possible, but we will be able to return the jacket to a fully functioning garment.

Additional Info

If more than one repair is required, add multiple in the quantity box.
Orange markings show the area/type of damage, not how the repair will look.

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