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Backback and Bag - Tear or Hole

Backback and Bag - Tear or Hole

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Seam Taping or Sealing Required

A hole in your bag is worth a lost set of keys . . . . or something like that!

Get that tear patched back up before you lose anything else important. This option is great for bumbags, pouches, rucksacks, holdalls and even bikepacking bags.

Patching starts at £30, and if you have a strap that needs re-attaching this option covers that problem too! If required, we can even re-seal the seams after the patch is applied!

Seams on Silicone coated fabrics will be re-sealed with Silicone Seal rather than a Tape

If your bag needs more than a patch and you don't know which option to pick, get in touch with us and we'll pick the best plan of attack!

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